Eric Winkler
i am an engineer by training with a passion for photography, and am presently based near Houston, Texas. I love to travel and am fascinated by the historical and cultural aspects of the places I visit. I spend most of my time outdoors, and capture a variety of things that happen to please my eye -- landscapes, architecture, nature, objects.  
I‘m delighted when I find subjects that are exposed to interesting lighting and weather conditions, and enjoy the challenge of capturing things in motion -- freezing action where appropriate, and slowing things down at other times to create a sense of flow. I also like to explore the effect of man-made lighting in cityscapes, and of starlight when off the beaten track.
For my landscape work (my true joy), my goal is to do as little digital post-processing as possible, preferring instead to use classic filters and techniques to adjust the light so I can capture my view of the world around me “in camera”. 
Each of my photos brings back a special memory to me, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!
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Thank you!