Eric Winkler
My name is Eric Winkler. I'm a retired chemical engineer who grew up in the northeastern United States and in Europe, but am presently living near Houston, Texas. I love the outdoors, and am an avid hiker and skier. I am fascinated by the historical and cultural aspects of the places I visit.  ​
I've traveled around the world on business and for pleasure for most of my life, and during those travels, photographed a variety of things that pleased my eye -- landscapes, architecture, objects -- under a variety of interesting lighting and weather conditions. I enjoy the challenge of capturing items in motion -- freezing action where appropriate, and slowing things down to create a sense of flow.
This website contains a collection of some of my recent favorites, and will evolve as I continue to travel. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them, and can make them available as purchasable artwork if you are interested.
I invite you to follow me on my Instagram Link shown below and welcome any questions or feedback you'd care to provide!
Thank you!