June, 2018
Just returned from visit to St. John's, Newfoundland, where I had the time to tour some of the east coast while my wife attended a conference. Absolutely stunning scenery, wonderful people, excellent fresh seafood.
The weather cooperated nicely -- two days of brilliant sunshine and only had to break out rain gear on occasion. Great photo possibilities in any case, and with the dark foregrounds and lighter sea skies, made good use of 2 and 3-stop, hard and soft ND graduated filters and a circular polarizer to balance the light in-camera. Most of the shots were taken with my 24-70mm zoom at the wider end to capture the expanse and beauty of the terrain -- except for the famous St. John's "Jelly Bean" houses, which required breaking out my 14-24mm lens to capture due to the narrowness of the streets.
Added a few shots to my Instagram site and several to my portfolio. Enjoy!
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