Purchasing Prints
Thanks very much if you are considering purchasing any of my images! I sell my work through GeoGalleries. Orders are sent to a Hahnemühle-certified art reproduction and photo printing company to produce and ship final products that meet the standards set by demanding photographers such as myself.
 While I've selected some popular print products for my work on that site, I am happy to offer other print dimensions or media choices to meet your specific display needs. A variety of textures, backing materials, framing and hanging options are available. Please contact me using the form on the "About Me" page if you would like to discuss other options or volume purchases.
Print Sizing
My images are very high resolution, so quite large print sizes are feasible for many of them. However, in addition to wall space considerations, it is usually best to choose a print size based on the distance from which the print will be viewed.  A rule of thumb is to choose a size such that the minimum viewing distance is 1.5 times the diagonal measurement of the print. For example, a 20" x 30" print may be best appreciated by the viewer from a distance of at least 54" (1.5 meters). Obviously, this is a subjective consideration but it may help you with your sizing decision.
Note that with the exception of panoramas and a few other selected images, I've used the standard 35mm "3:2" format (the length of the long side of the image is 1.5 times the length of the short side). This means that while the full image will be visible in, for example, a 30 " x 20" print, some of the edges will be lost when printed in other commercially available sizes (for instance, 20" x 20" square format). If you have a need for a specific dimension, I will be happy to try to crop the image to fit the dimension you require and will send you a sample of the image so you can decide if you like it.
Due to the high resolution of my images, metal and archival quality paper prints are my preferred media, but there are of course other options.  The choice is really one of personal taste, decor and the cost of materials.
With metal prints, the image is sublimated onto the surface of rigid aluminum panels to provide an exceptionally durable print with a modern look. 
Metal surface options are typically a white base (to maximize color and contrast) or a silver base (provides a more metallic look to maximize luminescence effect to emphasize image density and contrast). Glossy or glare-free surfaces are available for both base types. 
Metal prints are usually fitted with a wall mounting to stiffen the metal sheet and lift it from the surface of the wall by about 1", which provides a "floating" effect. Without the wall mounting, the metal sheet can be placed inside a frame. Smaller sizes (up to 12" x 18") can also fitted with a table-top easel back.
Fine Art Paper
With fine art paper prints, the image is applied using archival-grade ink to heavy (310-320 gm), gallery-grade photographic paper (for example, Hahnemühle). A variety of paper finishes (matte, gloss, textured, etc.) are available.
The paper can be delivered in a roll form (for self-mounting and framing), or can be mounted by the printer on rigid backing (Artboard, Gator Board) in a variety of thicknesses for framing. 
The print can be extended to the edge of the paper ("borderless"), or a white border can be be provided (1/2", 1", or 2"). 
Other Printing Options
Prints can be customized in other ways and applied to other types of media (canvas, acrylic, glass, etc). If there are any options that you'd like to explore, just let me know!
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