March, 2018
Had great weather last week in Breckenridge, Colorado, where my son and I skied for seven straight days and about 130 k vertical. The snow coverage was much better than our week there in January, and with the exception of one day following a bit of snow, the temperature was perfect for spring skiing, but we did get a bit warm in hike-to terrain.
Tested out my new all-weather camera, the Olympus TG-5. While not as high a stated resolution of my old Nikon AW100 (12 vs 16 megapixel), the new camera handles difficult snow/tree contrast much better than the Nikon and gives much more pleasing results. Use of the optional CLA-1 lens adapter is a much more robust way to attach a 40 mm polarizer than the flimsy clip-on Nikon counterpart. Color rendition is excellent, with calibration using an Xrite Colorchecker Passport yielding slightly deeper blues than Adobe Standard in LightRoom while other colors were virtually unchanged. Ability to shoot raw is also a big plus when it's necessary to adjust white balance to warm winter blues in some scenes.
Here are a few samples from the trip, with more available on my Instagram site. The bottom line is that I am really pleased with the new camera, and am looking forward to some wet testing on an upcoming photo trip to Hawaii.
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